Testimonials & Endorsements

What parents & guardians of children with SEN say...



J is loving his pocket learner so are his tutors. Thank you for a great provision.

Mrs W.

What practitioners say...


As the father of a child with special learning needs, I believe that the Pocket Learner is a successful balance of the "fun" and "structure" required to help her learn. It will help children, particularly those with learning difficulties to acquire the vocabulary they need to begin reading and improve communication. I look forward to the pleasure of passing on those special family reading treasures in the not too distant future so she can share even more with us.

Dr Michael Bruce, Cognitive Psychologist



As educational professionals who are determined to ensure every child achieves his/her potential, we are constantly seeking high quality resources to support each child's learning. I believe the Pocket Learner is a tool that will enhance reading skills and contribute to vocabulary building.

Marva Rollins, Headteacher



I have worked 1-to-1 with lots of kids with Downs Syndrome. There is a real lack of useful educational interactive tools. This is great and specifically targets the abilities of these fantastic children finally. Well done!

J Davie, Special Education Teacher


What Inventors say




This is amazing!

Gaynor, Inventor of Incostress


This book and its concept is stunning, innovative and useful to all manner of applications in education. My dyslexic children and I could have been greatly assisted by this.

V Rabbits, inventor of Nappy Time.


This is an innovative way to get kids of all backgrounds recognising and using words. Keep up the good work.

Ben Amegather, Inventor



A much needed product... practitioners will use your product to help your end users.

Gurman, DEW Innovator


I love the concept; it's something that is needed on the market right now!

Ngozi, Inventor of M3 Cosmetics


The Pocket Learner looks like an innovative product which will be very useful to parents, especially those who have children with disabilities.

D. Leadette, Inventor, Ex-School Governor & Mom of 3


Brilliant and much needed concept to help all children improve their literacy. A practical and tried and tested solution from an inspirational mother, a great product for all children. Very inspiring, simple, clear and will change the future for many children. Best Wishes.

H Memon, Publisher - Shade 7


Such a good idea!!

H Mensah, Inventor of Sing-along Cuttlerys