About Us

The Pocket Learner was developed in London, UK, by parents of a child with learning difficulties. They held the conviction that their little girl could achieve more than she was doing in school.

The frustrations of the parents and their observations of other people in similar situations gave birth to the Pocket Learner.

Children enjoy the flexibility of the Pocket Learner, which has an ever-expanding list of themes and the ability for users to develop their own themes. Consistent use of the programme leads to increased and rapid learning, raised aspirations, and greater confidence.

The Pocket Learner System can be applied to the learning of a range of subject areas and be used by individuals who simply embrace another way of learning. It is useful not only to children with disabilities but also to any child or adult with learning and reading issues.

It is a flexible complementary educational tool, fitting into nursery and primary school settings without any issues. It is user-friendly and effective and has been endorsed by a number of practitioners, parents and carers.

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