without learning

is not living 

The System


The Pocket Learner is a multi award-winning educational system which helps young children to develop vocabulary, reading and communication. 

The Pocket Learner Invention, Innovation & Entreneurship


The Pocket Learner helps to build vocabulary,

learn to read and develop numerical skills

The Pocket Learner inspires and empowers... 

boosts  general knowledge and builds confidence

 Who is it for?

  The system has proven to be effective and has produced success in

     -  children at pre-school and early years stages

     -  adults with literacy isssues

     -  individuals wishing to learn English

     -  English speakers wishing to learn a foreign language

 People with the following conditions:

     -  Down syndrome

     -  Autism

     -  Dyslexia

     -  Communication difficulties resulting from a stroke                        


Once you learn to read you  will be forever free

  Frederick Douglass

Children are made  readers on the laps

of their parents 

Emilie Buchwald

The Pocket Learner

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