Multi-award-winning innovative educational system


The Pocket Learner educational system enhances vocabulary development, reading,

numeracy, and general communication in children experiencing learning difficulties. 

The Pocket Learner helps children learn:

  • to read
  • new words
  • to count

This multi-award-winning educational system:

  • builds self-esteem
  • inspires and empowers
  • boosts  general knowledge
  • builds confidence
  • enhances vocabulary
  • improves life chances
living and learning
living and learning

Children are made  readers on the laps

of their parents 

Emilie Buchwald

Once you learn to read

you  will be forever free

  Frederick Douglass

The Pocket Learner

Invention, Innovation &



National Business Womens award
Jack Petchey


I think the Pocket Learner is wonderful, very simple and yet very effective and structured. I am of the firm belief in having a tangible object to handle and hold and I know most children really enjoy that idea of slotting cards into pockets. The additional materials can be used for categorisation and this is useful as well. It's great!

Bessa Moore, BCBA & SLT

Speech Pathologist/Behaviour Analyst

The Pocket Learner has been a great tool in increasing H's vocabulary. To be able to individualise his learning by adapting the system really helps build on his weak areas.

You can teach him to build a sentence by adding key words and modelling sentence structure, thus enabling him to carry out tasks with growing independence. He can also copy words to help aid in his written work. Overall it is a good tool to aid language and literacy. Thank you so much for this wonderful resource!

H's mom

 Who is it for?

The system is effective and has produced success in

  • children diagnosed with learning difficulty

  • neuro-typical children who are struggling at school during their early years

  • adults with literacy issues

  • individuals wishing to learn English

  • English speakers wishing to learn a foreign language

The Pocket Learner is also useful in assisting individuals experiencing communication difficulties resulting from a stroke.