Testimonials & Endorsements

What practitioners say...

As the father of a child with special learning needs, I believe that the Pocket Learner is a successful balance of the "fun" and "structure" required to help her learn. It will help children, particularly those with learning difficulties to acquire the vocabulary they need to begin reading and improve communication. I look forward to the pleasure of passing on those special family reading treasures in the not too distant future so she can share even more with us.

Dr Michael Bruce, Cognitive Psychologist



As educational professionals who are determined to ensure every child achieves his/her potential, we are constantly seeking high quality resources to support each child's learning. I believe the Pocket Learner is a tool that will enhance reading skills and contribute to vocabulary building.

Marva Rollins, Headteacher



I have worked 1-to-1 with lots of kids with Downs Syndrome. There is a real lack of useful educational interactive tools. This is great and specifically targets the abilities of these fantastic children finally. Well done!

J Davie, Special Education Teacher


As a classroom teacher and wanting to explore as much as I can, I use the pocket learner in group sessions and the children seem to be having lots of fun with it. Most importantly, it is building team spirit while they are learning without their realising it. I can see that they will definitely progress and they are looking forward to working with the transportation cards next.

Roseanne Lindo, Hillel Primary School




Great job Pocket Learner, thank you very much. Raj is making a lot of progress and now he is very enthusiastic about learning.

V Tyson, Carer


I love this product!


As a teaching assistant in a primary school, I use the Pocket Learner with the children I am supporting. It's an engaging tool to practise object permanence by placing the images in the folder and having the children take them out, replacing them as a match. They do this through identifying the words and matching them to pictures.


I can incorporate conversations through the use of the Pocket Learneer about colours, shapes, sizes, and even preferences on fruits and vegetables that our children in the school enjoy eating. The Pocket Learner is a very effective tool for assisting children with learning difficulties.


I would recommend that every school and indeed every kindergarten have a Pocket Learner among the resources in their library.

Susan Downs, Sommerset Primary School

As a nursery worker I would like to say it has been a pleasure observing the progress the children have made since they started using the Pocket Learner.


Every day they look forward to using the pictures to communicate and some have now started to identify the words on their own. The pockets can be a bit frustrating to use but it helps them to develop patience and perseverance, which could only be a good thing.


I would encourage others who want to develop vocabulary to give the pocket learner a try.

Mrs V Marseille, Wisdom Kids Nursery

Someone brought the PL to school and because all the children like it they now each have a set. Now we are able to work better with their parents as they are able to enhance their children’s learning at home.

R Betton, ClassTeacher



I have been using the Pocket Learner with a 5 year old boy with autism, he has limited spoken skills and the cards have really helped him focus and begin to say new words but link them with the pictures. It has been borrowed by some other members of staff and they too have found it a useful tool.


It is an attractive and easy to use resource and the children all enjoy using it. It also encourages further word finding activities.

Mrs . Cathy M, SEN Teacher North or England