Testimonials & Endorsements

What parents & guardians of children with SEN say...



J is loving his pocket learner so are his tutors. Thank you for a great provision.

Mrs W. Carey

The pictures are brilliant and my little girl is really enjoying the challenge. I use little rewards to ensure she keeps focused and he is now able to identify several words after two weeks of the Pocket Learner. I think it is a good system and I look forward to further progress from her.


Ellen Summers, Mom of 9 year old Emily

Great job Pocket Learner, thank you very much. Raj is making a lot of progress and now he is very enthusiastic about learning.

D. Finnigan, Carer



Good product but too few areas. We need more cards.

P. Graham, Parent of Neurotypical child



I found the Pocket Learner through a friend who purchased one for her 6 year old with learning difficulty. My family and I received a demonstration and we learnt how to use it with our daughter who has learning difficulties.


It was quite amazing to experience the simplicity of using the Pocket Learner. Our daughter Amanda is in nursery school and is now able to read words, recognise words and speak words she has never spoken. I would highly recommend the Pocket Learner to anyone I know who has children with learning difficulties. The system is truly a blessing to me and my family.

Mary, mom of 4 year old Sienna.

Imani has not been the same shy child since she received her pocket learner. Thank you for this product, really like it.

Janet Winter, mother of 8 year old girl with Down's Syndrome




I have been using the Pocket Learner with my 7 year old non verbal autistic son. The cards have really helped him build his vocabulary; we so look forward to using them every day. I also have a 5 year old boy who is just learning to read; he too uses the cards which we find very useful. It gives us wonderful family time while learning. Thank you for this lovely resource.

Kirsty Baker, Mother of 5 year old Jacob