Develop language

  Develop Language

The Pocket Learner enables you to design and implement a comprehensive and complementary learning programme which can be used consistently to enhance your child’s education.


It fits in with several bodies of research and the multi-award-winning system has the endorsements of educational professionals, practitioners and parents who have used it successfully.


By using the Pocket Learner your child will learn the names of images and match them with written words and will also be able to identify these words without the pictures, thus developing their reading skills.

The Pocket Learner system encourages you to use questioning and encourage curiosity in your child, thus increasing their use and understanding of language. 


In time your child will endeavour to use language spontaneously particularly when they crave the rewards you are offering.









Did you know?

Language is a set of shared rules that allow people to express their ideas in a meaningful way. Language may be expressed verbally or by writing, signing, or making other gestures, such as blinking or mouth movements.


Language development supports your child’s ability to communicate, express and understand feelings. It also supports thinking and problem-solving; developing and maintaining relationships. Learning to interpret, use and enjoy language is the critical first step in literacy, and the basis for learning to read and write.


Listening, attention and observation skills are the building blocks of speech and language development. It is vital that these skills are properly nurtured at every opportunity and its development must be facilitated by having a shared focus through continuous interaction and practising in an environment free from distraction.


Observation requires the child to focus on a particular task and having a shared focus means examining things together and expressing what you see, in a clear and concise manner.